Here we go with some gallery updates!

Candids > 2016 > Airport in Warsaw, 3 march

joanna-krupa_us_002.jpg joanna-krupa_us_007.jpg joanna-krupa_us_006.jpg joanna-krupa_us_005.jpg

Candids > 2016 > Goes to ‘Good Morning TVN’ in Warsaw, 6 march

joanna-krupa_us_012.jpg joanna-krupa_us_020.jpg joanna-krupa_us_026.jpg joanna-krupa_us_004.jpg

Candids > 2016 > Seen at LAX airport, 23 march

joanna-krupa_us_012.jpg joanna-krupa_us_018.jpg joanna-krupa_us_006.jpg joanna-krupa_us_008.jpg

Candids > 2016 > Spotted out for a stroll in LA, 2 april

joanna-krupa_us_010.jpg joanna-krupa_us_009.jpg joanna-krupa_us_005.jpg joanna-krupa_us_003.jpg

Candids > 2016 > Celebrating Joanna’s birthday dinner, 23 april

joanna-krupa_us_025.jpg joanna-krupa_us_012.jpg joanna-krupa_us_026.jpg joanna-krupa_us_011.jpg

Enjoy the candids πŸ™‚

Here we go fans! Let’s go with some fresh updates! πŸ™‚

Candids > 2015 > Seen out in Hollywood, 13 december

joannakrupa_us_010.jpg joannakrupa_us_005.jpg joannakrupa_us_007.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg

Candids > 2015 > Out in Beverly Hills, 29 december

joannakrupa_us_012.jpg joannakrupa_us_015.jpg joannakrupa_us_010.jpg joannakrupa_us_002.jpg

Candids > 2015 > At Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills, 29 december

joannakrupa_us_016.jpg joannakrupa_us_010.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg joannakrupa_us_017.jpg

Candids > 2016 > Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles, 10 january

joannakrupa_us_005.jpg joannakrupa_us_001.jpg joannakrupa_us_003.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg

Candids > 2016 > Leaves a Talent Management Office in Los Angeles, 12 january

joannakrupa_us_012.jpg joannakrupa_us_006.jpg joannakrupa_us_014.jpg joannakrupa_us_007.jpg

Candids > 2016 > West Hollywood, 14 february

joannakrupa_us_014.jpg joannakrupa_us_006.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg joannakrupa_us_011.jpg

Candids > 2016 > Seen at LAX, 18 february

joannakrupa_us_010.jpg joannakrupa_us_015.jpg joannakrupa_us_003.jpg joannakrupa_us_001.jpg

Candids > 2016 > On a Yacht in Miami, 22 february

joannakrupa_us_030.JPG joannakrupa_us_049.JPG joannakrupa_us_059.JPG joannakrupa_us_026.JPG

Appearances & Events > 2016 > 2016 World Dog Awards in Santa Monica, 9 january

joannakrupa_us_17.jpg joannakrupa_us_6.jpg joannakrupa_us_4.jpg joannakrupa_us_14.jpg

Photoshoots > 2015 > VIVA GLAM

joannakrupa_us_002.jpg joannakrupa_us_005.jpg joannakrupa_us_006.jpg joannakrupa_us_001.jpg

Now, enjoy the big gallery update! πŸ™‚

I have a few photos from the seasons finale of ‘TopModel’ in Poland.

Top Model – ZostaΕ„ modelkΔ… > Season 5 > Stills > Season Finale, 30 november

joannakrupa_us_4.jpg joannakrupa_us_5.jpg joannakrupa_us_1.jpg joannakrupa_us_2.jpg

And here are some scans from the polish magazine CKM with Joanna on cover πŸ™‚

Magazines > 2011 > CKM Poland, december

joannakrupa_us_4.jpg joannakrupa_us_5.jpg joannakrupa_us_1.jpg joannakrupa_us_6.jpg

Enjoy πŸ™‚

I have some older photos with Joanna for you πŸ™‚

Photoshoots > 2012 > Gala Poland

joannakrupa_us_006.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg joannakrupa_us_005.jpg joannakrupa_us_003.jpg

Photoshoots > 2012 > Maxim Russia

joannakrupa_us_003.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg joannakrupa_us_002.jpg joannakrupa_us_001.jpg

Photoshoots > 2012 > Set #001

joannakrupa_us_011.JPG joannakrupa_us_004.JPG joannakrupa_us_002.JPG joannakrupa_us_003.JPG

Photoshoots > 2012 > Set #002

joannakrupa_us_008.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg joannakrupa_us_003.jpg joannakrupa_us_002.jpg

Photoshoots > 2011 > Josh Ryan

joannakrupa_us_005.jpg joannakrupa_us_004.jpg joannakrupa_us_008.jpg joannakrupa_us_007.jpg

Photoshoots > 2006 > Stuff Magazine, february

joannakrupa_us_008.jpg joannakrupa_us_007.jpg joannakrupa_us_005.jpg joannakrupa_us_001.jpg

Enjoy the updates πŸ™‚

Joanna was attending yesterday (1st december) a Renault party. Joanna was dressed in a long black dress.

Appearances & Events > 2015 > Renault’s new cars premiere at DoubleTree, Warsaw, 1 december

joannakrupa_us_006.jpg joannakrupa_us_023.jpg joannakrupa_us_016.jpg joannakrupa_us_011.jpg

Enjoy the photos πŸ™‚

Joanna was today at a charity evend ‘Wielcy Malym’ in Poland. It is an event to save animals from the winter.

Joanna had an hearted dress on. Do you like it? πŸ™‚

joannakrupa_us_004.jpg joannakrupa_us_006.jpg joannakrupa_us_005.jpg joannakrupa_us_010.jpg

Enjoy πŸ™‚

And on Friday (20th november) night the Real Housewives of Miami star did not disappoint as she rocked a see through black number for dinner at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood.
The 36-year-old model and actress was seen leaving the celebrity hot spot in the racy knee-length dress.

She swept her silky blonde locks back into a low chic bun and went with neutral makeup which highlighted her natural beauty and flawless complexion.
The Dancing with the Stars alum kept her accessories to a minimum as she let the dress speak for itself, carrying only a silver clutch and wearing her daily kabbalah bracelet.
Krupa is never one to be shy when it comes to showing off her bosom.

Candids > 2015 > Craig’s Restaurant, 20 november

joannakrupa_us_013.jpg joannakrupa_us_003.jpg joannakrupa_us_012.jpg joannakrupa_us_001.jpg


I uploaded some photos with Joanna from the past. Enjoy them πŸ™‚

joannakrupa_us_02.jpg joannakrupa_us_07.jpg joannakrupa_us_05.jpg joannakrupa_us_03.jpg

joannakrupa_us_01.jpg joannakrupa_us_04.jpg joannakrupa_us_03.jpg joannakrupa_us_02.jpg

joannakrupa_us_06.jpg joannakrupa_us_03.jpg joannakrupa_us_02.jpg joannakrupa_us_01.jpg

joannakrupa_us_02.jpg joannakrupa_us_01.jpg

joannakrupa_us_07.jpg joannakrupa_us_05.jpg joannakrupa_us_04.jpg joannakrupa_us_03.jpg

joannakrupa_us_01.jpg joannakrupa_us_02.jpg joannakrupa_us_09.jpg joannakrupa_us_10.jpg

joannakrupa_us_02.jpg joannakrupa_us_03.jpg joannakrupa_us_05.jpg joannakrupa_us_01.jpg

joannakrupa_us_01.jpg joannakrupa_us_08.jpg joannakrupa_us_03.jpg joannakrupa_us_11.jpg

Enjoy the updates πŸ™‚

With a wife as beautiful as Joanna Krupa and Baywatch bombshell Carmen Electra performing at his birthday party, Romain Zago is a very lucky man.

The two blonde beauties could be seen getting close in some raunchy poses at the birthday bash in a Miami club.

Joanna Krupa showed off her perfect model body in a revealing white dress that showcased her cleavage as well as her long toned legs.

With smoky eye make up and a sleek up-do, the model made sure she was the centre of attention.

Posing between Carmen and one of her dancers, Joanna can be seen grabbing the 43-year-old actress’ booty.

It looks like Romain Zago must have had a memorable birthday!

Appearances & Events > 2015 > Romain Zago’s Birthday bash in Mynt, 5 november:

joannakrupa_us_034.jpg joannakrupa_us_035.jpg joannakrupa_us_008.jpg joannakrupa_us_015.jpg

Enjoy the photos πŸ™‚

Here is a bunch of Joanna Krupa’s photos from the Halloween weekend πŸ™‚

Appearances & Events > 2015 > Life & Style Weekly Eye Candy Halloween Bash, 29 october

joannakrupa_us_050.jpg joannakrupa_us_018.jpg joannakrupa_us_046.jpg joannakrupa_us_023.jpg

Appearances & Events > 2015 > 2015 Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party, 30 october

joannakrupa_us_038.JPG joannakrupa_us_017.jpg joannakrupa_us_046.jpg joannakrupa_us_040.JPG

Joanna Krupa keeps her figure in incredible shape.
So it’s no surprise the 36-year-old pinup wanted to show it off when she dressed up for the Life & Style bash in West Hollywood on Thursday.
The Real Housewives Of Miami star put her chest on display in a see-through beaded outfit that looked like something Cher used to wear in the Eighties.